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If you are seeking a new condominium in Singapore for immediate or future occupancy, you may wish to consider purchasing a condominium with a Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP). These are newly-built condominiums sold by developers that allow for immediate or near-immediate move-in.

In Singapore's real estate market, the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) is a permit that authorizes homeowners to temporarily occupy a condominium, apartment, or building, subject to meeting key requirements. These requirements encompass safety and technical considerations, and are overseen by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), an agency under the Ministry of National Development of the Singapore government. The BCA has established regulations, procedures, and processes to ensure that building planning, construction, and implementation adhere to accepted safety, security, and quality standards for occupants.

TOPs enable residents to move into the development before all amenities are completed. For instance, while the units may be finished, additional work may be required for shared facilities such as swimming pools and barbecue pits. Once an estate has obtained a TOP, residents can collect their keys and commence their stay in the estate, without having to wait for the project to be fully completed.

TOPs also allow for Deferred Payment Schemes (DPS). Under the Deferred Payment Scheme, homeowners can pay for 20% of the property upfront, and the remainder up to two years later, avoiding interest repayments until that time. This scheme is highly sought-after by some buyers, as it permits them to avoid interest payments for two years, without needing to secure a bank loan until the remaining payment is due.

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